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The Real Secret of The Secret

To understand why certain people get phenomenal results when they tap into a movement, such as that which has been created by the video and book entitled The Secret (Rhonda Byrne, Prime Time Productions, 2006), while the majority get little to no results at all, it is important to understand how energy flows or fails to flow.

Of the four possible energy combinations only people on the (+/+) path (active application and active or resistant attitude) benefit from a Law of Attraction approach. The reason they get positive results is because this approach encourages people to let go of resistors and trust that they will receive what they desire. With encouragement and hope, a percentage of the people on the (+/+) path (stuck in fear and doubt) will change their attitude from resistant to open and receptive and, of course, the moment they do that, energy begins to flow in the right direction. For this group the active (resistant) attitude line is all that was preventing energy from flowing in the first place.

The ones who don’t get good results by following the advice given in The Secret are either those who are on the (+/+) path and cannot let go of the resistors or those on one of the receptive application paths—the irresponsible, undisciplined, fearful (-/+) or (-/-) paths (see The Four Energy Paths). These groups fail to get good results because, for them, it’s the application path that is not being properly utilized, and a better attitude won’t correct that unless the attitude adjustment results in the decision to consistently be more responsible, self-disciplined and courageous. This is extremely rare however. Most people on the irresponsible, undisciplined, fearful paths need the help of a good mentor or coach to change course and get on the path to positive abundance because they lack the self-discipline to persist until they become comfortable with a more responsible approach. Many also lack the courage to strike out on their own.

There are three primary reasons why people fail to advance toward an abundance of the things they want. These are:

  1. They lack a clear vision of what they want and/or a good plan for arriving at that desired place.
  2. They lack the self-discipline and/or courage to act responsibly.
  3. They are resistant to change and cannot let go of old beliefs and biases that are not serving them well.

Each of these three causes is best eliminated with the help of someone who is already successful at managing that particular challenge. This might be a friend or mentor, but more often than not, the best results come from well trained and experienced coaches. Few coaches are proficient in all three areas, so some people engage two or more coaches. But often coaching that eliminates the most difficult of the three problems will improve the other two as well. The greatest gift an individual dealing with any of these issues can give to themselves, or will ever receive, is the gift of a good coach.