Key 2 - Boosting Energy Out


Energy tends to remain at its source until something occurs to induce it to leave. That something can be a natural imbalance or an induced imbalance. Once an imbalance occurs, energy flows in order to regain equilibrium.

Wind is a good example of movement that occurs due to a natural imbalance. In this case, dense cool air moves into lighter warm air space to equalize the molecules. An example of forced imbalance is electricity where energy is created in a generator and boosted out by step up transformers. People are an odd mix of natural and induced imbalance. On the natural side would be all your internal bodily functions. On the forced side would be the actions you take purposefully.

Every goal you ever have or ever will achieve is the result of forced imbalance or purposeful action. If you never did anything to boost your energy toward a goal, nothing would ever happen. Even something as simple as eating would not occur without purposeful action. You might be motivated by internal functions to seek food, but unless you act upon that urge you will soon starve to death. At the very least you must open your mouth and eat food, even if someone else brings it to you. The purposeful act of eating is what allows the natural internal functions to continue.

No one ever achieves life goals or attains success without boosting out energy toward specific outcomes (see Key 1) Chapters 6-8 in The Law of Abundance explain the principle in greater detail and provide pointers for boosting energy and reaching your goals.