Insulating Against Negativity

Because we are surrounded by negative influences which impose themselves upon us, it is essential to have ways to insulate yourself. Without good insulators, difficult circumstances can short circuit those on the path to positive abundance and throw them onto a less productive path.  For people, the insulators are faith in self, others and a generative force.  A generative force can be whatever you believe in that is generative in nature—from nature itself to a personal God.  Insulators, and how to develop them, are explained fully in The Law of Abundance.



Insulating against negativity


 Faith in Self Requires:

  1. Authentic Self-awareness
  2. Healthy Personal Boundaries
  3. Self-confidence/Self-trust
  4. Self-esteem

Faith in Others Requires:

  1. Faith in Self
  2. Healthy Relationship Boundaries
  3. Discernment
  4. Ability to Trust

Faith in a Generative Force Requires:

  1. Ability to Trust