The Four Paths to Abundance

There are only four possible energy combinations and only one of them leads to an abundance of desirable things. The four paths laid out in the illustrations below represent energy as it applies to the human condition.

The Application side of each path represents the ways in which people are willing or able to send out energy. Some people actively send energy out in a responsible, disciplined, courageous and caring way with intent of contributing to life in a positive way. This leads to positive abundance provided the individual is open to receiving back the fruit of the energy they send out. Positive abundance refers to an abundance of desirable things; the things we all want.

Others send energy out in an unmanaged way. These people tend to be irresponsible, undisciplined and lacking in courage. They may also be greedy or selfish. The intent of these people is to get from life all they can (negative intent). The interesting dichotomy is that this leads to negative abundance (or more of what is NOT desirable and NOT wanted) rather than to more of what IS desirable. Some people on this path may amass money, but they always lack happiness, love, contentment and true satisfaction.

The Attitude side of each path represents the ways in which people are willing or able to receive energy. Some are open, receptive and trusting, which creates a non-resistant attitude that allows energy to flow. Other people are feaful, distrusting, struggling for or against something or disallowing, which creates resistance that slows and even stops the flow of energy.

When energy is flowing out in a positive way, the Application line is active (+). When it is flowing out in a negative way, the application line is receptive (-). The application side of the energy equation should be active (+) though, because it is through positive action that we make things happen.

Receptive Application (-) means we are passively allowing life to happen to us, rather than actively creating our outcomes. And the passive approach guarantees that we will get more of what we do NOT want.

For energy to flow, there must be an active (+) and receptive (-) charge. So, where the Application line (energy out) is positive (+), the Attitude line must be receptive (-) for energy to flow. And on the Positive Abundance Path, that is exactly what we find; positive, active energy being sent out and open, receptive energy coming back.

Notice that on the Positive Abundance Path the receiver (which for us is our goals and intent) is clear and positive. This is critically important because it is the receiver that translates the energy you send out and determines the form in which you will receive it back. The clearer your goals and intent, the better the "product" you create and the better your results will be.



Notice that on the Path to Negative Abundance or more of what is UNdesirable there are both active and receptive charges, so energy is flowing but it is flowing backwards, toward more of what is not wanted. In this case, Application is passive or receptive (-) and Attitude is active and resistant (+). Notice too that the receiver (goals and intent) are both unlcear and negative.



The two "stuck" paths represent conditions where no energy is flowing because two active charges (+) or two receptive charges (-) do not result in energy flow. The Stuck in Fear and Doubt path is a double active combination (+)(+) where the Stuck in Delusion is a double receptive (-)(-) combination.



Each of the paths are explained fully in The Law of Abundance along with ways to get off of or avoid the non-productive paths, and stay on the path to positive abundance.

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