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Key 1 - Designing Your Life


For centuries thought leaders have expounded the importance of having clear goals in achieving success and studies of successful people consistently validate this philosophy. The Law of Abundance explains why this is so.

There are five key parts to the Law of Abundance, and each one is critical to success. When you realize that, as a part of the energy equation, we must follow the same principles as electricity and all other forms of energy—and just as precisely—it becomes clear that we need more than just clear goals, we need a precise life plan.

What happens to electricity when it has no receiver—that is, no appliance, light bulb, motor, etc. to flow to? At times nothing happens. For instance, if you plug an extension cord into an outlet, there is energy available through the cord, but unless you connect it to something designed to make use of the energy, nothing at all happens. Undirected energy can also be squandered and even become harmful. Imagine a downed power line. As long as there is nothing close enough to the line to receive the undirected energy it simply drains off into the earth. Nothing useful occurs, but there may be no damage either. But let a receiver, such as a person or animal, get too close and damage or destruction is the result.

When energy is directed toward a well-designed receiver, whatever the receiver is designed to deliver is what manifests. Your life is no exception; the better your design, the better your results.

Let’s use something as simple as a toaster to demonstrate this point. There are lots of ways to make toast. One way might be messy and not very handy, such as building an open fire and holding the bread over the heat of the flames. Another might be handier and less messy, but still waste more energy than necessary, such as lighting an oven and putting the bread under the broiler. The best method is one that is handy, effective and conserves energy, such as a toaster. But even here, not all toasters are created equal. Some are very plain models that allow only limited thicknesses of bread and have only three or four settings, thereby limiting your choices for what kind of toast you will have and how it will be toasted. Others are highly variable. They allow for a wide range of thicknesses and many incremental adjustments so you can have thin toast, thick toast and even a bagel toasted to perfection.

Examine every area of your life; your financial position, your relationships, your personal happiness; all of it and decide what you want each area to look like. Then go to work creating your design as precisely as a product manufacturer designs the toaster or an architect designs every feature of a home.

Chapters 8 and 9 of The Law of Abundance will help you design your life, Chapter 10 will help design your relationships, and Chapter 22 will help you identify your values and how you are using them so you can adjust your time and energy to have more of what is important to you.