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Interview with Constance Arnold


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Constance Arnold of the Think, Believe, and Manefest Talk Show, interviews Dr. Sherry Buffington on the Law of Attraction Radio Network.

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Sherry Buffington has been immersed in the study of human nature, motivation and success principles since 1978 and is a top expert on the behaviors and motivations of people. She is the founder, president and CEO of NaviCore International, Inc., a research and development firm focused on personal and professional development, motivation and effectiveness and is a pioneer in the field of personal effectiveness and developmental assessments. She is a coach, consultant, trainer, presenter and the author of several books, including "The Law of Abundance," which presents a ground breaking new theory. It provides a scientific perspective to the way energy impacts the outcomes of the life, work and relationships of all people—all the time, and answers the questions so many of us have had as to why we don’t get the results we want in spite of diligently applying positive thinking models, and in spite of working hard to achieve success.